DataMan 8050 Handheld ID Reader, Serial Slide in with USB

DataMan 8050 Handheld ID Reader, Serial Slide in with USB


Note: DataMan 8050-0105 includes a serial slide in and USB 2.5m straight cable

DataMan 8050 Series Handheld ID Readers

DataMan 8050 series handheld ID readers bring Cognex’s patented algorithms to a new, lightweight industrial handheld platform. DataMan 8050 reads 1-D and 2-D barcodes with incredible speed and at an economical price point. The 8050 series has a modular design with field interchangeable communication modules and is constructed to handle the harshest environments. Other industrial features include lanyard hook for easy retractor mounting, bright centralized green LED aimer for clear targeting, loud beeper and indicator lights provide operator feedback. The 8050 series supports the serial slide-in which supports USB-CDC, USB-HID and RS-232 corded communication with the appropriated cables.

 Note: DataMan 8050-0105 has a serial slide in with USB 2.5m straight cable

Both the 8050 and the 8050X feature 1DMax+ with Hotbars for high speed 1-D barcode reading. The DataMan 8050 has 2-D algorithms optimized for reading label-based codes. The DataMan 8050X has 2-D algorithms optimized for reading DPM codes down to 5mil. Supported 2-D symbologies include: DataMatrix, QR, MaxiCode and Aztec codes. Typical practical depth of field is ~0-12” (depending on code size).

Standard Hardware Features:

752 x 480 global shutter sensor

Fixed focus lens

Centralized green LED aimer

Integrated LED light bar with near/far illumination optics

Landyard hook

LED and Beeper operator feedback

DataMan 8050 series readers provide the ability to change communication modules in the field.

Readers are ordered in kits that include the reader and one communication module and USB cable and do not require external power supply however the DM100-PWR-00 adds additional power if the reader is in constant use.

Standard Software Features

Setup Tool supports printing of custom setup sheets
8050 series supports Java scripting, PERL scripting and a variety of advanced data formatting options

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752 x 480
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Fixed focus
ID Reader
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