DataMan 8600 Handheld ID Reader, Bluetooth, Intelligent Base Station 2

DataMan 8600 Handheld ID Reader, Bluetooth, Intelligent Base Station 2


Base Station Power Supply Sold Separately, Base Station Communication Cables Sold Separately

The DataMan 8600 is the most capable direct part mark (DPM) industrial barcode reader and is now faster and easier to use with a larger depth of field than the previous DataMan 8500. The DataMan 8600 features Cognex’s best-in-class 2DMax+ algorithms, 1DMax+ with HOTBARS and patented UltraLight technology.

The DataMan 8600 features an improved UltraLight which allows the reader to use a wide range of lighting types to illuminate codes on the most challenging surfaces. The improved UltraLight creates bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting conditions and is combined with a liquid lens and a high speed global shutter sensor to make the most advanced handheld image formation system.

The DataMan 8600 also features a modular communication design and is available with field-exchangeable corded and wireless communication modules. Corded options include Ethernet with Industrial Protocols, RS-232 and USB. Wireless models support Bluetooth paired with the new Intelligent Base Station. Any reader is field upgradeable and can use any of the communication modules available.

Key Technical Specifications

  • 2DMax+
  • 1DMax+ with HOTBARS
  • Improved UltraLight
  • 1280x1024 global shutter sensor
  • Laser Aimer
  • Manual trigger and presentation mode
  • Programmable Auxiliary Button
  • Modular communication design 

DMR-8600-0602 includes:

  • DataMan 8600 Handheld ID Reader
  • Bluetooth Communication Module
  • 3100mAh handheld battery
  • Bluetooth Intelligent Base Station 2 with USB, RS-232 and Ethernet output
  • Ethernet Industrial Protocols : Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, MCProtocol, ModBusTCP

USB, RS-232 or Ethernet communication cables and 24Vbase station power supply sold separately

USB – Type A USB up to 3m (10' standard USB cable available from Cognex DMA-USB-00)
RS-232 – 5m RS-232 base station cable available from Cognex (DMA-RS232RJ-05)
Ethernet – recommend CAT5/5e, SF/FTP or S/FTP cables (customer supplied)

Customer can supply their own 24V power via screw terminal or can purchase Cognex 24V base station power supply DMA-24VPWR-xx

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Variable focus liquid lens
UltraLight integrated bright field, dark field, diffuse illumination
ID Reader
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